Admissions and Enrollment Process

Admission Steps

The decision to enroll at DTI is the decision to become one of God’s elite leaders. If you are ready to emerge into the fullness of your mandate and be equipped for Kingdom expansion and influence start your application process today by clicking the link below.

Program of Study

Kingdom Leadership (Certificate to Doctoral Degree)

In this degree program students will explore the topic of leadership from an apostolic Scriptural perspective. Students will be introduced to the origins of leadership in general as well as study leaderships breadth, scope, and development through the ages. Students will cover God’s leadership premises and fundamentals, relating or applying them to modern leadership and its contexts. Students will garner the ability to identify and explain the features and functions of the leadership spectrum in general and distinguish it from all other forms. Students will become acquainted with the protocols, etiquette, and mandates that make for a successful global leader. In addition students will be equipped with the knowledge, spiritual understanding, wisdom, and skills to lead in a globally diverse world.

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